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Plumeria Publishing is a full-service publishing company,
working with talented writers to bring their work to a broad market.

Talented writers don't deserve to face a gauntlet of submissions in search of an agent, complicated contracts, or 'vanity press' publishers requiring substantial subsidies.
At Plumeria Press, we strive to work, often directly with authors, to bring their books to their polished best and make them available to the public through bookstores, on-line outlets, and libraries.

Plumeria Publishing is proud to launch the new Sci-Fi title 

Encounter at Cloud Ranch
Join Tom and Jason Cloud and as they fight to defend
their Arizona ranch.
Ride along into danger as they attempt to decipher the strange evidence that leads to a climatic battle to save their friends by confronting a terrifying predator from the cliffs above.
Buy it today online at  BarnesandNoble.com or Amazon.com
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Romancing Through Italy

A cultural exploration of the cradle of modern civilization by author Robert James Connors, twenty years in the making. From ancient Romans through the Renaissance, to the delights and foibles of the modern nation, wonderful insights and unexpected encounters bring Italy to vivid life. Connors shares the emotional stories of war veterans, and the humor of unexpected events. It all comes together in a heartwarming adventure book.